Circulation Management

Can’t fit a Full-Time Circulation Manager in your budget but need one desperately?
We’re here for you.

The Oyster Group will provide an experienced, knowledgeable Circulation Professional for a fraction of the cost of a full-time staff member.

What will they do for you?

  • Develop and evaluate circulation plans
  • Oversee the development, enhancement, and evaluation of circulation plans based on historical data, economic factors, industry trends, and housefile growth. Responsibilities include:
  • New business efforts: Internet marketing, inserts, agent programs, direct mail
  • Renewal efforts: Web, email and traditional
  • Promotion & renewal analysis & reporting
  • Ensure you are kept up-to-date with regular reports and meetings
  • Ensure all circulation efforts are in adherence to BPA/ABC bylaws and rules
  • Analyze and summarize fulfillment reports
  • Approve all list rental requests
  • Meet with various teams to come up with new strategies to promote and grow your brand—including marketing, sales & editorial teams

In a nutshell, this person will be responsible for:

  • The growth of your subscriber base
  • The profitability of your subscriber campaigns
  • Providing reports and working with you to interpret the results